What went wrong with The Walking Dead?

Anyone else wondering what happened to The Walking Dead? Seemingly it hasn’t beenĀ greatĀ for the last few seasons, but this season seems particularly bad. There just seems to be absolutely no consequence for any action at all, the death of several main characters (SPOILERS) including Carl, have just fallen flat with seemingly no story that follows on from it, except for Rick’s incoherent mumbling.

My biggest gripes:

  • Maggie’s accent seems to get broader every time she talks, soon she will just be a caricature of a Southern Belle;
  • Maggie’s pregnancy seems to not be progressing at all, are things OK there?
  • The Rick storyline is boooooring.
  • I have no care for any of the main characters any more, except for Negan. Even an awesome character like Darryl has been totally wasted.
  • No real threat from the Walkers;
  • No environmental threat.

On that last point, we have stuck to the fight between Negan and Rick and haven’t seen anything at all about the environment, or how the survivors are dealing with the world around them – what about some of the following to spice things up:

  • A focus on how the hell the survivors are managing to feed that many people;
  • What are the challenges of the disposal of bodies of the Walkers;
  • What about a challenging adverse environmental event, such as tornado, flood or earthquake?

Anyway, it is feeling more and more like a chore to watch this show week to week and I am not sure whether I have it in me to see to the end, what are your thoughts?

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