The Walking Dead Season 6 return


I have to say that I am glad that The Walking Dead Season 6 is back! I have to be honest and say that I feel that Fear the Walking Dead was a poor substitute. It felt like one of those ‘Lite’ or ‘Free’ apps –  until you pay for the real thing you are just going to be disappointed about the performance and content of what you get.

Please note that in this Walking Dead review there will be spoilers from the first episode of Season 6.

Half of the episode was black and white and half is colour with the black and white scenes showing us what has happened since the ending of Season 5. I’m not totally sold that this worked, and I think that the use of the black and white tended to make the statement “If we don’t use black and white the viewers won’t follow.” That’s not to say that some of the scenes weren’t quite visually stunning, especially when they first found the quarry with the walkers. If I’m to stay on things that annoyed me from this episode, I’m going to also say that the steri-strips on Rick’s face bothered me, there looked to be too many there, almost like Carl had been playing doctors and had just slammed a hundred of them on Rick’s battered head.

This week’s story consisted of the survivors finding a vast quarry that seems to sit at a choking point of the woods, the ambling walkers have fallen in and been trapped due to the sheer walls and several parked trucks, which were seemingly put there when the world went to hell. The quarry is keeping the majority of the walkers away from the settlement, but it doesn’t look like a permanent solution. As a result Rick and the community (eventually) decide that driving the walkers away from the quarry and onward will be the best solution.

Best moments from this episode:

  • Rick’s “I am the one who knocks” moment with Carter after he threatened Eugene;
  • Eugene as the guard at the gate;
  • Daryl’s slow speed motorcycle riding;
  • Morgan’s combat skills.
  • The horn!

There is the constant undercurrent of drama this season, Glen and his almost executioner, Nicholas, are building some form of respect,  Rick is taking the lead on the Alexandria community and making enemies in the process, namely Carter. But there are two major dramas that are yet to unfold, where did the last peanut butter bar go and who is going to win the Heath/Eugene hair battle?

Psychological Perspective

Looking at what is happening from a psychological perspective, the characters are continuing to evolve. The ongoing crisis situations and trauma may have especially impacted on Rick, who is becoming easily frustrated and asserting his dominance in the group. Needless to say, quite a few of the original party are probably experiencing some form of mental trauma, which would range from the mild (Maggie) to the severe (Rick, Morgan). Given his seemingly hard upbringing, and the need to survive and fend for himself from early on, I feel that Daryl is somewhat immune from the issues related to trauma. He treats the events much like a soldier would, each event is an individual problem to be solved and not a matter of ‘banking’ emotion or frustration at where things went right (or wrong).

And where was that horn coming from? Comment your thoughts below.

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