The Walking Dead S06 E04 “Here’s not here”

Ah the classic ‘character development arc right in the middle of an important moment’ scheduling technique…Don’t get me wrong, I find the character of Morgan fascinating, however I feel that rather than build tension around Glenn and his ‘death’ this episode just distances us further from the outcome. But seriously, cool episode, but whatever, we have more important things to talk about here…TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!

Yeah, that’s right! This is The Walking Dead Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode..But why? Because Morgan that’s why..

The Walking Dead Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What am I even talking about? Here is a photo of Morgan and Eastman – on Eastman’s shirt are the words “Save the Terrapins” and what are Terrapins? That’s right, a type of turtle. Here is a dude teaching the bo staff wearing a shirt referring to turtles, classic TMNT there..No, I haven’t gone made because here we go down the turtle hole:

  • The name ‘Eastman’ – Kevin Eastman is the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles;
  • Oh yeah, who taught Lenny James who to fight with the bo-staff, only Donatello
  • Morgan Jones – Casey Jones is the loner, vigilante in TMNT
  • Here is Kevin Eastman referenced buying a comic illustrated by Tony Moore – co-creator The Walking Dead
  • There is a recurring Splinter type leader – Eastman and the Art of Peace and previously Hershel Greene.
  • The use of Katana – seriously, who uses a katana? A ninja turtle, that’s who

Maybe I’m clutching at straws, maybe the Walkers are the Foot Soldiers, maybe Glen is Casey Jones and Maggie is his April O’Neil? Maybe I just have turtles on the brain.

Back to the episode – It was good to see the background to Morgan and how he has progressed from his time where he had seemingly lost his mind after the death of his son. It’s hard to think of someone in this show who has had it worse than Eastman, with the murder of his wife and children, pre-apocalypse. This is where Morgan is able to see the light, he sees that Eastman has not had to live out the anger and maintain his rage. However, one could argue that it is a bit high and mighty for Eastman to be preaching peace and love when he has already got his resolution – he killed the dude who murdered his family, starved him to death. It’s easy to preach peace when the threat is no longer present.

From a professional perspective, the resolution of the PTSD type symptoms for Morgan are a little too quick for me, but hey, pacing, and we have to get back to Glen again soon. I also wouldn’t say that Morgan suffered purely from PTSD, but given the traps in his previous graffiti scrawled abode, high levels of paranoia and delusional thinking that he was also suffering from some type of psychosis as well.

Anyway good back story, and we can see the logic of where Morgan is coming from when he is applying his pacifist approach, but is this an approach that is going to work in this new world? The reaction of the Wolf that he told the story to speaks volumes about the efficacy of peace here…


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