The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 – Revenge of the bowl cut

That time of year has wound around again, when we all go on holidays and don’t want to watch TV, when the family is over and we have no ‘must see TV’ to keep us away from dull conversations about Uncle Harry’s new relationship…but hey, everyone has to have a break, right?

I missed reviewing last week’s episode, with the triumphant return of Glen (of course he was under the dumpster), but it all seemed a bit disjointed, and rightly so. The writers have seemingly rushed the story telling so that they can try to both wrap a few things up and also to leave a few juicy tendrils for us to follow into the woods next season.

The mid-season finale of the Walking Dead Start to Finish was all that we expected, there was going to be blood and gore and plenty of action. As it happens when there are Walkers at the door, Alexandria was overcome when it the walls came down.

Losing Deanna

Deanna was the matriarch of Alexandria and it was sad to see her go, but what were the survivors thinking! They left The Walking Dead Start to Finishsomeone with a bite, who was obviously on the way out, on the same floor alone with Judith! The scene of Rick walking down the hall, thinking that Deanna had bitten Judith was one of the most harrowing scenes of recent memory. Deanna had lost a bit of her power over the past few weeks, seemingly worn down by the loss of her husband and also by the increasing stress of the Wolves and Walkers, so it was awesome to see her build her courage back up to have a last stand against the Walkers and pass on some words of wisdom to Michonne.

The loss of Deanna may be a big factor in who follows Rick in the coming end of season, but really did we want someone who thinks killing a walker involves stabbing them in the chest?

Is Jessie’s Parenting the underlying issue in Alexandria

Carl was given a reprieve from being shot in the back of the head but ended up going one on one with Ron anyway – starting with one of the great lines of the season “Your dad was an asshole” Carl really seems to be growing up and I hope that his more adult persona continues to shine through, rather than the ‘teen drama’ story that he has been shackled to this season.

The Walking Dead Start to FinishSam and that haircut are an atrocity and when we see the survivors making the cloaked walk through the horde, he is whining, yet again. Sam has to be one of the least likable characters in the series overall and that even includes Lori. He seems to just want to put people at risk and just offend people with his hair.  If we want to look at the psychology of Sam and Ron, we also have to look at their parenting. If we look at the parenting of two children who seem to suffer with reality, we really have to question Jessie and her motives for getting involved Rick. Is this a ruse to get the Alpha male? In saying that, Pete was also a crappy father and his behaviour would have had a major impact on them. Either way, my point is, that in the real world, or even in this one the behaviours and attitudes of children are often more pure reflections of their parents – so what threat, if any, does Jessie pose to the survivors? If you are interested in the Psychology of the Walking Dead there is a cool book for sale on Amazon


Question – Given that the threat of attack is always imminent, why were there not safe houses to run to? With a township it would have been easy to set up several houses which were heavily stocked and fortified to ensure that the majority of the townspeople could get to them. Instead, we have everyone running to their individual homes and getting split up in houses that are just not ready for that kind of threat.

Moron of the Week – Morgan – for believing that he could apply the same knowledge that was passed on to him by Eastman. Let’s remember, Morgan, that Eastman was a Forensic Psychiatrist and probably had many decades of experience, you, well, you have a stick. As a result it looks like one of the Wolves has escaped with the only Doctor in town.

Continuity fail of the week – When Rick and crew are running to get to a house, his new squeeze Jessie provides cover fire against a horde. They all just make it up the stairs and then we cut to a different angle as the door closes – no Walkers!

If you did not watch to the end, make sure that you check the episode out again, or see the prologue to Season 7 on the AMC website. Neagan is on his way – does this mean that some of the original party will not make it out alive?

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