The Walking Dead S06 Ep02 – JSS

The second episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead “JSS” was a great episode, probably one of the best in recent memory. There was very little dialogue and unnecessary character building that has seemingly plagued the show on and off for a little while now.

JSS starts with Enid and her family trying to start a car when they are set upon by walkers – flash forward to her, bloody and alone, in a car writing the letters JSS on the inside of the window. She continues on, surviving by the skin of a tortoise and makes it to Alexandria, where we flash forward to now.

This is domestic Alexandria, the new crew of Frank et al are still away on their mission to turn the walker hoard away from the township. Carol is in her cardigan, working out what to do with celery soup..there is some passive aggresive dialogue reminiscent of the Stepford Wives, where Carol shows her true colours – she is no longer the meek housewife, but willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

Things aren’t going to continue this way, and the change comes quickly with The Wolves attacking the town with molotov cocktails and hand held weapons. The attack seems to be indiscriminate, with the Wolves often continuing to hack their victims after they have died.

JSS The Walking DeadCarol comes to the rescue, along with a few more able bodied members, and then Morgan who gets back the town before the rest of the attack crew. Between them, a few snipers and some intimidation they are able to fend off the Wolves for now, though there is a certainty that they will be back. They also have some hostages now that they will be able to interrogate, but given the Wolves seemingly almost animistic nature this may prove to be fruitless.


Interesting points

  • We finally find out what the horn was – the airhorn of a truck that failed to crash through the walls.
  • Was Enid a part of the attack, if not, why was her back story so important? (If you can get by all the incessant ads and popups, there is a great article on about Enid and her potential part in the attack by the Wolves.)
  • There was no walkers in this episode as a major plot point, it was great to see the group fight a new threat.


  • Carol dressing as a Wolf in a town where there are friendly snipers around (although I suppose the ends justified the means;
  • The new Doctor – Dr Denise, just doesn’t hit the right notes in terms of emotion.

Overall, it was a great episode, and a big build to next week, when I assume that we will see Rick and the gang return to a decimated Alexandria and have to make plans from there. Will this help Alexandria and it’s inhabitants come together with the new arrivals or push them further away?

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