The Walking Dead S06 E06 ‘Always Accountable’

I was so wrong when I thought that this season of the Walking Dead would be better than the the last few, that we would leave behind the monologues, the empty story building and the ‘our group is the best’ cliches. This episode continued in the vein of last week – a lot of the same nonsensical distancing from the potential death of Glen. Again, there is no issue with this if the filler episodes are full of tension, drama, or legitimate story building – but these episodes have been just that – filler.

On there drive back to safety Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are shot at by random marauders and separated. Daryl limping through the woods, injured and Abraham and Sasha holed up in a building together. Daryl limps around and comes across two women cowering, only to be pistol whipped from behind.

Psychology of The Walking Dead
– The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The next 20 mins or so has a bit of story building, about who these three are running from, Daryl building trust with them, showing that he isn’t one of the search party. He teaches them to trust again by saving them, Daryl is the Messiah, he is the saviour.. But it isn’t to be, given the next opportunity he is again held at gun point and his bike and crossbow taken (oh-no!). This is a major frustration that I have had with the show, it is the protagonists versus everyone else. It is not a surprise any more when the ‘others’ lack morality and turn on the protagonists, when ‘others’ are ‘bad’ it is just the norm for this show. There is never a mystery, just a matter of time until people turn on our heroic main cast.

There was some overture of romance between Abraham and Sasha, which didn’t really build to anything, just flopped around for a bit, filling in time we could have been following Daryl. There was tense scene where Abraham tried to retrieve a RPG from a hanging walker, but it lost it’s intensity due to having Glen out there, we know that they aren’t going to be killing off main characters in the absence of his story ending.

To quote Abraham this week “Loose ends make my ass itch” but it seems that finally, next week, we may be looking at the closure of Glen’s story one way or another. Actually, maybe not, just saw the promo for next week and it looks like we will be back at Alexandria again next week…yay…

There was a quote in there this week “People will do anything to feel safe” and I think that is true for both our protagonists and the others in this post-apocalypse world, but why is it that no-one ever feels safe with the protagonists and that they are always going against them? I suppose this comes down to group psychology and the ideals that each groups holds dear to them. I have spoken a little about the Psychology of The Walking Dead in a previous post, and I think that the same holds true, that when groups form they tend to go through a process to get there. As a result, we don’t easily let go of the thoughts and ideals of our original group. But in a situation like this, is it adaptive or foolhardy to be clinging to the ideals of a group of people who are essentially only just surviving?

Next week, I feel we are in for much of the same, maybe there will be some talk of the Glen rescue/recon, however I am not all that hopeful. What are your thoughts for next week?


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