The Walking Dead S06 E05 Review “Now”

Sewer Zombies
This episode is like my haircut

I said it last week and I will say it again this week – the narrative has been broken and we are getting more and more distanced from the events that led the the possible death of Glenn. It doesn’t feel natural, and we have been given a 2 episodes now where there are no answers to what actually happened to him and it looks like that will continue, with next week focussing on Daryl.

The start of the season has been awesome, from the Quarry to the Wolves, there has been a sense of urgency and impending doom. This episode, however, fell flat.

THERE WERE TOO MANY MONOLOGUES – that is about the full run down of what happened this episode. Rick, Tara, Rick’s new girlfriend, everyone got in on the action (or lack of it). The other problem: why are we focussing of blossoming romantic relationships when there are still people out there in the wild with walkers? I’m all for character and plot development, but this has happened all at the wrong time for it to be meaningful. ¬†Leave that to the end of the season, I’m not annoyed that there continues to be tension, but what I am worried about is the fact that, besides Maggie, Rick et al seem more concerned about bumping uglies than they do about where their missing friends could be.

This episode was full of annoyances for me, like another which seems to ignore the training that Dr Denise has. A psychiatrist starts their career as a qualified doctor in general medicine, why is Denise seemingly stumbling across answers from textbooks for simple problems? The scene where she removed the pus from the leg was laaaaaame,¬†why didn’t she know that, how does an anxious Dr forget that? Why is this character being built at all?

More annoyances –

  • How is it the kids all have such bad haircuts, but the adults don’t;
  • What was up with those cookies?

Positives (finally)

  • Some of the best makeup/animatronics seen in a long time with the Sewer Zombies (no turtles down there though)
  • Maggie taking the initiative and actually getting things done;

I rate this episode in the average range, nowhere near what the season has offered so far, let’s hope Daryl-palooza fixes that trend next week. What were your thoughts on the episode?

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