The Walking Dead S06 E03 “Thank You”

Spoilers below!

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead, in terms of chronology, falls between the last 2 episodes, it is after the first and during the start of the second episode, but focuses on the main crew including Rick and the fighting-capable survivors. The survivors are currently developing a plan to get back to Alexandria to address whatever the horn signifies, while at the same time ensuring that they are leading the main ‘herd’ of walkers away. This means, as it always does in the survival genre, splitting the group.

Rick postures about how not everyone is going to make it, although he continues his ‘they’ approach – ‘they’ meaning the ‘not Rick’s crew’ survivors. Rick has had a hard time getting comfortable with survivors ever since Terminus and the prison and pretty much every situation he has been in so far. Sure as he says it, we have Alexandrian fighters getting bitten and either limping on, or being finished off.

Glen, Michonne, Nicholas and Heath head to a town to try to continue the leading away of the walkers, but Heath gets in a huff arguing with Michonne, because he doesn’t really agree with the plan. Meanwhile Nicholas ‘he that has been saved’ and Glen are scouring the town but get stuck in an alleyway.

It didn’t end well for Glen (seemingly) with Nicholas cashing in his retribution chips, giving a big Thank You to Glen who spared his life previously, which just ended in a big Fuck You to Glen as the recently dead Nicholas collapsed on him from a self inflicted gunshot. This unfortunately meant that Glen went down into the maelstrom of tearing walker limbs. With screams and blood flowing profusely, the only saving grace could be that Nicholas fell on top of Glen and that is what the walkers were tearing at…

The death seemed a bit anti climactic, there were no witnesses, and the episode continued on, with Rick on a running/stabbing/running spree as he tries to make the next checkpoint in the diversion of the horde. Needless to say, he runs into trouble with the Wolves attacking at the worst possible time, but he lives to fight another day.


  • Why didn’t Glen and Nicholas jump the tree side of the fence, sure the trees were dense but there were no walkers there…
  • Everyone wants to be sassy and rubbish all the plans, seriously folks this isn’t Survivor, it is surviving. 
  • How is the virus transmitted/activated/sped up? By saliva – why is a bite so serious but you can be covered in (and aspirate) walker blood and body matter? Was that the equivalent of a needlestick injury that Rick has?  Why then can survivors have visible wounds and fight, but not have any issues?


  • Rick going full Scarface on the Wolves slinking around the RV (was one of them Enid?);
  • Daryl going back to being his own man and ignoring Rick’s orders;
  • The ongoing theme that no one is safe and that it continues to apply to the stars.
  • Rick finding the baby food in the pocket of one of the Wolves. Were they intending on taking Judith?

Overall, this season is already one of the best seasons of The Walking Dead and promises to build even further. What were your thoughts on the episode? Did Glen survive like some theories are suggesting?



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