The Walking Dead S06 Ep 13 The Same Boat review

the same boatSheesh, what an episode this one was. At the end of Ep 12 those poor shrinking violets, Maggie and Carol had been taken hostage, however is Rick and the crew going to save them, and Maggie being pregnant and all.

After Rick did what he could to try to arrange a meeting it just wasn’t to be. Now if you think that this episode was when we were going to meet Negan, then you are wrong. This is the episode where we meet the cold and callous side of Carol again.

From the moment that they are caught, Carol played a brilliant game, she slumps her shoulders and acts panicked and scared by her captors, all the while taking in the details of her detention. This Carol isn’t anything to be messed with, she is calculating and willing to do whatever it takes to kill the threat to her and her friends. She constantly plays on Maggie and her own weaknesses so that the expectations of a threat of lowered considerably.

I think that this is what the Walking Dead needed at the moment, a brief introduction of more of the ‘hero’ group becoming actual heroes and not just waiting around waiting to be saved by Rick or Daryl. ┬áThis episode also further pushed the idea that other humans are the problem and not the walkers. The Walkers were merely seen as an inconvenience to all of the humans in this episode, much as you think they would be. After significant time living in the wild with these things and learning their ways, the humans have seemed to fall into a routine much the same as someone who is shooing away stray dogs or cats.

The callousness of the group seems to be increasing and the line that was directed at Maggie “You know you aren’t the good guys” seems to be quite apt. Whilst I’m sure that Negan and his crew aren’t angels (and probably a long way off) I can see how each inidividual faction can believe that they are the ones doing the ‘right’ thing. From what we know, with Negan being as violent and unpredictable as early info suggests, it is easy to see how people around him follow him and see themselves in a positive light.

It looks like that next week may see the inclusion of the Negan, hopefully, and all that he has to bring to the party. Meet us on the Kill floor.


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