Suicide Squad review

suicide squad review

Is there a movie that has been more hyped than Suicide Squad this season? Unfortunately, it got plenty of bad reviews, currently sitting at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, however I went into it with an open mind. A movie that has a star cast and a massive budget can’t be that bad, can it? Even if it was bad, it would at least be entertaining, right?

How wrong I was…this movie was utter shite. There is the argument that it could be watched for entertainment and fun, without having to critique it, but seriously that is what Steven Seagall has built a career on. If I want fun, I watch a mid budget action movie, which this is not. For the promos and promises, I wanted something that would actually engage me with the characters, which did not happen at all. There will be spoilers ahead..

The Characters

Harley Quinn

This film is so chaotic in it’s story telling and falls so flat in the promises it made that it is even hard to begin where to start on taking this monster down, so I will start with the star of the show Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn. Harley is the girlfriend of The Joke (no that’s not a spelling error) and has an accent which swings like her baseball bat all the way across New York. The accent is so strange because it is so overdone and comical, in a film that takes itself a little too seriously. Harley’s motivation is also a little hard to decipher, she finds out the the Joker is going to save her from the Squad and then when this attempt fails, she just ups and rejoins the squad and they’re all like “Yeah cool, we don’t mind that you tried to kill us and  then decided to rejoin us because you failed” Even the scene where she steals the bag from the window is completely redundant and seems only to have served as promo fodder.


Ok, so Deadshot is the same as any Will Smith character. Deadshot is essentially Will Smith Playing Will Smith, the cool headed leader with the sassy mouth and the screen appeal. Deadshot provides nothing special at all to this film.

The Joke

I’m going to preempt this by saying that I think Jared Leto is an overrated actor with a mediocre band – there I said it (This is my way of cutting down people who are more attractive and successful than me). As a result I was never going to like his representation of his Joker. In weighing all of this, the Joker was terrible in this film. The Joker was just a standard bad guy in a few scenes and a flashback and the talk of Leto’s method acting was even funnier given his lack of screen time. Jared Leto was the guy who really tried in this movie, but gets nothing more than a participation award.

El Diablo

What were we supposed to feel for Diablo? Was it pity? He wiped out his whole family because he got cranky one day and couldn’t control his sads. Now we are expected to believe that he is repentant (after wiping out a prison yard). Whatever way you cut it, he decides that he ain’t losing another ‘family’ – the Squad. Even though the most important thing in a family is chemistry and engagement, which there was none, he decided that the Squad was his new adopted family, aww.

Boomerang, Killer Croc and Katana

Racial stereotypes are rad and all the kids are doing it!

The guy who climbs walls

A scapegoat for how serious the good guys are


I have never seen a Cara Delveigne film, although apparently according to imdb one of her trademarks is photobombing people at events and she is a talented beatboxer, so she seems quite the extreme artist. Anyway, I hear she is one of the ‘it’ young things, and I wondered why after this performance. If there was a cherry on top of this shit show, it would be Delevigne and her terrible impersonation of Vigo the Carpathian. Her movements in the final stanza are ridiculous, as is the voice that they have given her, but what is her motivation exactly? Oh, that people have ‘forgotten’ her – the people who’s culture died out, they forgot her so she took a major city by the subway…

The Motivation

These are some of the most hardened and dedicated criminals in the world, all with some sort of special ability, yet at the fear of death (which none of them have feared before) they decide that they will not only work for the good guys, but will work together…Not to mention that the detonator on their implanted bombs seems to be controlled by one guy who is with them all the time…Deadshot could have shot and destroyed that detonator in an instant and shutting Harley’s down by The Joke didn’t seem all that hard…But instead they all decide to be pals and work together on saving the world for a few years off their prison sentences…yup that is great motivation for people who are repeat offenders.

This film just didn’t work for me at all. The story was all over the place, the characters had no on-screen chemistry and it was just generally unlikable. Hopefully Wonder Woman or Aquaman bring something new to the DC Universe, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news in saying that I don’t think that this is likely.

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