The Walking Dead – S06 Ep 12 – Not Tomorrow yet

Not tomorrow yet review

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead ‘Not tomorrow yet’ definitely moved the story forward (Remember that if you are behind in the series Amazon has them on-demand to buy). There was a little too much boredom in the last few episodes since the return. The Benny Hill-esque chase scene of ‘Jesus’ was ridiculous and then we got Rick and his merry crew getting caught up in choosing sides last week.
It felt that the season had stalled (again) and it wasn’t as though there was a whole heap of other stuff going on, it just felt like there was nothing happening, even before they got to Hilltop, the Negan story line had gone dead. There were those odd conversations between Daryl and the Dr (who is so insignificant in her acting and story that I keep forgetting her name…Denise?) and the general weirdness that was allowing Jesus back to camp even though he proved himself untrustworthy! 

This week there was plenty of action and unfortunately it seems that Rick has chosen a fight that is a little too big for the team. What really struck me was the brutality with which Rick and Glen dispatched sleeping combatants. All they had to go on was the word of the Hilltop residents and the run in with Negan’s crew on the road – but in a world where they themselves are willing to kill to protect themselves is it any strange occurrence that  someone like Negan has built a reputation? And if he is known for kidnap and murder wouldn’t it be better to steer clear of him by not entering into the affairs of hilltop – with the people at Sanctuary surely they could work out a way to provide for them without fighting someone else’s battles.
The ending to this week was definitely a cliffhanger and will hold us in suspense, although it seems that the majority of suspense of late is that one (or more) of the original crew is in imminent danger, rather than any relationship buildup or plot development. Let’s hope that we see this season make a good run to the end, and that we are finally introduced, face to face with Negan.
What are your thoughts, will Negan be true to the comics, will the main players survive the fallout of crossing Negan?

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