Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 1

Jessica JonesAnything that Netflix touches at the moment seems to be gold and with the association with Marvel, it looks like they are on to another winner with Jessica Jones. Actually, to digress, Wet, Hot American Summer was terrible and an abomination for Netflix produced content but that is another story for another day.

Jessica Jones starts out as a standard PI drama in the first episode, she is negotiating for work and finds herself staked out at night taking photos of a wife accused of cheating. But this is where the initial anomalies come, with Jessica being visited by a brief vision of a male figure who she quickly shakes off. When she is visited by this vision she starts to recite street names, in what seems to be a grounding exercise, most often used in anxiety disorders.

The first episode is scene setting, following Jessica through her daily life and her eventual and inevitable return to the bottle at the end of a work day. Whilst serving a subpoena, however, the true story of Jessica starts to unravel, this is the Marvel universe after all. So, for those who aren’t familiar with the Jessica Jones story from Marvel comics – Jessica has superhuman strength, easily lifting a car so that her subpoena can be served.

The main story of this episode sees Jessica taking on a new client, the parents of a student who has gone missing, seemingly with her new boyfriend. After some investigation we find that the man whom Jessica is having flashbacks about is the same who has abducted this girl, a man by the name of Kilgrave.

Long story short, Jessica is able to track the girl down and reunite her with her parents, after some coaxing away from the apparent mind control that Kilgrave asserts over her. Just when things are looking peachy, the saved girl pulls a gun and kills both of her parents. This looks like the story arc that we are going to follow over the season, Jessica’s fight with herself in relation to her trauma from her time with Kilgrave, which I dare say will lead to an eventual show down with Kilgrave himself.

Jessica Jones is a great addition to the Marvel Universe on Netflix, and it looks like there will be more to come with a new season of Daredevil coming next year, as well as the Luke Cage series as well.

I am sure that I will get around to the Psychology of Jessica Jones sometime soon, but it is apparent in the early few episodes that Jessica has been through a trauma of which she is showing the signs of through her drinking and flashbacks especially.


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