Homeland Season 5 return

Homeland Season 5 has returned, and let’s hope it is a good one. That isn’t to say that it has been bad in the past, but the ending to Season 4 was a bit baffling, there were a few ‘family drama’ type episodes in Carrie’s life that just didn’t fit the feel of Homeland in general during the season and it just felt a little disjointed.

In saying that, we are two episodes into the new season and we will look at them momentarily, however there will be spoilers for those two episodes, so if you haven’t seen them, look away now, maybe check out the Psychology of the Martian (but that contains spoilers too…)

Season 4 ended with the family drama of the on screen death of Carrie’s father (and the off screen death of actor James Rebhorn as well). There had been a lot of family related themes going on in this season with Carrie chasing down her mother, but that all seemed to hit a sour note with viewers. Carrie is a well developed and played character even without the back story, which just seemed like unnecessary padding.

Further, I do hope that we are finally done with Brody. He was a great character and had a good few seasons, but the use of him in flashbacks just seemed like a cheap plot point again in the last season. Much like his family, I hope we leave him behind this season.

So where to from here…Germany! Germany! Germany! In case you didn’t understand from the German speaking priest in the church, we also get the line from a background character “This is Germany” we are actually in Germany this season..But who is this seedy looking bearded man wandering through the underground? Oooh, the back room of a cam-girl setup, must be something sinister…yes, he has what they need….a dubbed video poking fun at a middle Eastern extremist group, using dick jokes!! Yeah, Homeland! But wait, there is someone else hanging around in the background of the site….It’s the CIA….and they have had their documents stolen…ouch

Quinn is back, but he isn’t simpering like last time about his responsibilities, he is back killing people and being menacing, having returned from the Middle East leading a special forces team, he doesn’t have time for anyone’s administration crap.

We also still have tension between Carrie and Saul, which looks like it will continue for a while. Carrie is now working for a human rights organisation, although all may not be as it seems there. She also seems that she is relatively well balanced now, she has custody of her daughter, is sober and has a relationship that seems to be going swimmingly. There doesn’t seem to be any symptoms of mental illness that we have seen before. Carrie is using her connections to build relationships in the Middle East and to get what she needs, but it very much seems that she is going to have to put herself at some level of danger in order to do this.

Saul is doing his best to keep the document leak workable from his end, the documents show that the American government may not be adhering to UN principles in terms of spying and look that they may create a diplomatic crisis, which seems to be an agenda being further pushed by people from Carrie’s new organisation. Saul and Quinn have a working relationship again, with Quinn gritting his teeth and getting the wet work done.

In general it looks like we will be focussing on two issues: The human rights issues in the Middle East and the tensions between Germany and USA due to the leaked documents. I enjoyed the return and like the fact that we have had some time between the seasons in their chronology, we aren’t just picking up straight where we left off last year.┬áHomeland Season 5 looks like it is going to provide a heap of action and intrigue, what were you thoughts on the first few episodes?

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