Homeland Season 5 Episode 3 ‘Super Powers’

Ok, so unfortunately I have fallen a little behind with Homeland this year, so I am trying to make up some time with watching and reviewing over the next week. My DVR is getting a little full at the moment, so it is time to get some of it watched and reviewed. I have to admit that one of the main reasons that I am behind is that I have been playing Fallout 4 (woah, just saw that people are still selling the Pip Boy edition!), so it is a case of sorry, not sorry.

Super PowersThis new episode, Super Powers, has started to set the scene for what will come next. Carrie has come clean with her new partner about her bipolar and seems to be going in the direction of trying to get out of taking her medication. As we have spoken about elsewhere on the blog, BPAD is an illness which tends to make sufferers act contrary to treatment protocols. Carrie makes the point though, that she is far more sharp when it comes to analyzing cases, as she feels more alive during these times. This is a common experience for people suffering from BPAD and there is often a fine line in providing the right level of medication to ensure that this balance is not tipped.

Given the threat to her life Carrie has decided to send her child back to the US, with the help of the During foundation. I have to say that During seems particularly suspicious and looks like he may be playing both sides of the battle. It also looks like this season will have a lot of conflict between Saul and During, both of whom probably see themselves as somewhat protective of Carrie.

This episode sees Carrie finally work out what has been going on, but it will be a matter of whether she can get the information to the right people. Oh, and Saul you dirty dawg, shacking up with the new Chief of Station. Question is, how will this develop over the next few episodes? More to come in the next few weeks on the blog.

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