Game Of Thrones S06 Ep1 The Red Woman

This blog is a one man show and unfortunately I can’t be as consistent as I would like to, but it’s Game of Thrones season and considering that it is the show that launched the blog, I thought that I should be reviewing it. In addition to that, I have released Diagnosing Westeros: The Psychology of Game of Thrones on Amazon, so check that out if you want to.

This is a review of the episode, so yes there will be spoilers ahead!

Was this episode what the impatient viewers wanted? Nope. Was it what the viewers wanted in general – probably, if what the viewers wanted was a return of the show. Something that has really frustrated me recently is the idea that we have to be let in on the secrets straight away and the idea that cliffhangers ‘rip off’ viewers. No more was this seen than in the finale of The Walking Dead – people were up in arms that it cheapened the build up to Negan, that somehow they had been misdirected because writers dared to make sure that the story had continuation between 2 seasons. That is just purely ridiculous and seems to ignore one of the cores of story writing and pacing – keeping the audience interested and invested. Unfortunately, it is what I saw again in a lot of forums over this episode “They haven’t shown if Stannis is really dead” “When will Jon Snow be resurrected” etc etc ad nauseum..come on, seriously…?

The Red Woman

Anyway, now I have addressed that, the episode DID NOT start with the glorious resurrection or funeral pyre for Jon Snow, but rather continued ambiguity about what will happen next. Yes, Melisandre – The Red Woman of the title, was there but she didn’t perform any special incantations that we saw. If we look back to the resurrection of Beric Dondarrion, there is the possibility of resurrection, but only time will tell.

Daenerys has been taken hostage by some new Dothraki and really I don’t think that this will last long. There are dragons and Tyrion on her side. The new Dothraki brought a new element to them though, The Brothraki – a more casual, cooler Dothraki – one can only hope that they hang around and aren’t burned down by the dragons.

Does anyone else think the Pod/Brienne/Theon/Sansa combo is a bit The Princess Bride? Either way, it looks like it will be an awesome collaboration. Pod seems to have learned a few skills with the sword and Theon seems to have lost that Reek about him.

And lastly, The Red Woman herself is a hag, yup that’s right there was the nudity that can be expected from Game of Thrones but with an young to old twist. Seems that Melisandre has been keeping a secret – that she is actually hundreds of years old by the look of it (more on that here). That scene of her shuffling to bed was truly disturbing and her seeming loss of faith has me wondering whether she will be able to be useful at all in the coming episodes.

What are your thoughts, are viewers too precious about getting answers about major plot points?

PS. I know I left Dorne out of this review – Dorne sucks! For all I care the Sand Snakes could summon Captain Planet and I wouldn’t care.

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