Game of Thrones – The Concierge

hold the doorThis week’s Thrones was rubbish, I can’t say anymore than that for most of the episode until the final 5 minutes and even then it had it’s problems.

We had the issue of Littlefinger somewhat resolved after Sansa put her foot down with Brienne in tow and told him what was going to be required of him. It looks like Sansa may try to use his influence to help build the North’s army to march on Ramsay – none of this info she passed on to Jon though.

There was also Daenerys fresh from the cleansing of the Khals meeting with her two saviours and finding out of Jorah’s fate. Essentially Jorah told her that his love was unrequited and therefore he was going to go and die, which if you are taking notes on your love life, is a great way of keeping someone in your life. Daenerys insisted that Jorah get a cure and return to her side, which made him look right chuffed.

We even got some more of Arya fighting with a stick – I know, you hadn’t seen that in weeks had you? She eventually got her first Faceless Men assignment – to kill someone involved in a play which includes the beheading of her father. Can the girl with no name put the emotions aside and carry out the task that she has been assigned?

The Ironborn have showed their complete lack of craftsmanship with the crown that was put on Euron’s head after he usurped Yara’s claim to the throne, even after Theon had some impassioned words for his people. This crown was seriously bad and looked like something a distracted 4 year old would make at the beach whilst trying to catch a seagull for a pet. So with this lack of craftsmanship Euron expects that he will be able to build a massive fleet of boats as Yara and Theon just took what looks like most of the Ironborn away. Who knows what will happen here, but from what we have seen the Iron Isles don’t look like they have a lot of vegetation, let alone trees for timber.

And then we had the ever ‘Just a few minutes more’ whinger Bran Stark – who no matter how much warging he gets, wants just a little taste more. Needless to say, Bran sees something he shouldn’t have (a theme for him) and ends up in danger (a theme for him) with the Night’s King now knowing where he is and now being able to enter the Weirwood by some magic of his touch.

It was all over a bit of a ploddy and disjointed episode, but what really got to me was the lack of CGI finishing. CGI characters like the risen dead looked rubbish. The Children of the Forest aren’t immune either (even though their makeup takes 10 hours to apply) as they look like a low budget film in comparison to the beasts and effects of earlier seasons. The walker falling through the roof of the Weirwood was particularly bad as the green screen was obvious. But anyway..on to the big reveal..

hold the doorHodor means ‘Hold the Door’ – it’s hard to explain (and understand) but it seems that Bran warging into the past had some effects were events in the present could bleed through and one of these was ‘Hold the door’ as Hodor is required to hold back the flood of walkers as Bran is dragged away on his sled. The scene was an absolute tragedy and brought me back into the story for this episode. That transition from past Hodor yelling ‘Hold the door’ whilst seizing on the ground to then adult Hodor holding the door closed was a tragic realisation of the one task that he had set for him. Unfortunately, it seems highly unlikely that Hodor will return to the series as he was in the process of being ripped at as he held firm and allowed Bran his escape.

Until next week

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