First thoughts – Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 is the game of the week – sure Doom is out, but it seems that Uncharted was more anticipated. I was definitely a big fan of Uncharted 3 (and the others, of course), but this is the first on the current generation PS4 – that’s not to mention the recent re-release of the Nathan Drake collection. Now it is pretty rare in AAA games – but Uncharted 4 is rating exceptionally well in the first few days after it’s release and for good reason – my opinion (and that of many other’s) is that it could very well be GOTY 2016 – although there are a few other entrants like No Man’s Sky or Battlefield 1 which may also make the grade. Given that these release will be cross-platform they may get some more kudos – but overall this may well be the one.

I’m glad to see that Naughty Dog haven’t tried to massively do over the already successful franchise, sure they have no reason to, but there have been plenty of sequels to games that just try to add things that are just not worthwhile – like the boost jump in COD, or the space wars in COD: Infinite Warfare, or really anything after Black Ops 2.

So on first play – about 5 hours in – the game is visually stunning, the cut scenes are just the right length so far – they are the traditional Uncharted style – dialogue driven, but they definitely don’t drag too much, or break immersion in the game. There is also the lack of a tutorial in the game, which is always good, instead the game focuses on teaching you the ropes through early, less intense interactions. I’m not going to spoil the story – but it is a traditional one, and of course, the series is based on Drake’s pursuit of treasure and adventure along the way. The addition of the grappling hook is also a good one, which provides another element to gameplay without adding too much. Gameplay is also smooth and lag free on the system – load screens are very irregular and draw distance is adequate. There was only one time where I had an issue with visuals where on a large body of water I could see what looked like the wire-frame which the water was modelled over.

The only thing that I am concerned about is the possibility of the cliche storylines that both adventure movies and games can conjure – the protagonist finding the treasure only for an ambush, the double cross, or the swapped artifact. None of these things have happened, but I just worry that it could, which would make the story a bit same-same.

I can’t comment on the multiplayer – although have heard good things about it so far, next run through I will check it out and provide another installment upon completion of the game – which will have spoilers (however, there will be adequate warning). I don’t want to give this game a score at the moment, as it wouldn’t do it justice due to my play time, but I have to say that something significant will have to go wrong for it to fall from close to perfect.

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