Game of Thrones ‘Blood of my Blood’

Well, this week was a lot better than last week!

We pick up where we left off with the Bran and Meera show – Bran is warging and has flashes of several significant events, primarily what looks like the Mad King and his death at the hands of Jamie. As we flash back to the real world we see that Bran and Meera are in mortal danger with the dead catching them quickly, but help is at hand with a mysterious stranger with a flaming flail coming to their rescue. The rescuer makes quick work of the attackers in spectacular flaming fashion and the ‘Come with me if you want to live’ talk. Then we find out that it is none other than Benjen Stark  – the missing brother of Ned. He has a pretty rad story about being North of the Wall, so Bran doesn’t even complain about not being able to warg!

Samwell, ever the Samwise to Jon Snow’s Frodo, arrived at the Riverlands for an icy reception from his family – but what else did he expect. Daddy dearest gives him hell, Gilly gives Daddy the real story and it’s all over. Sam makes haste to leave with his little family and his father’s Valyrian steel sword.

Arya is also still on her mission from the Faceless men, however she pulled out at the last minute due to the kindness of her mark. Unfortunately, it looks like the Waif will now be after Arya, who although prepared, seems to be ready to meet her maker – “My father is waiting for me” While I have the utmost faith that Arya will make it through, as otherwise this plot point has led to nothing, the coming showdown should be good. I do wonder however, whether Arya deliberately pulled out to put the blame on the understudy..

Then Tommen meets Margery and talks to her about what the High Sparrow is really like, but it’s OK because Jamie and Cersei have their plan to squash the Sparrows and take the city back. Thankfully Cersei is there and plans that Cersei is involved in never go wrong..not! So it seems that Tommen, in his desire to never see Margery naked, decided to side with the High Sparrow and has now merged Church and State – because that is always a good idea..Anyway, old Jamie has now been banished from the King’s guard and looks like he won’t be playing to much of a part, unless it’s regicide, again..

The only downside was the almost cliched Dany talk atop her dragon. The Dany giving impassioned speech to her people is becoming a bit too much, every time she talks about unifying people, being different, blah blah blah. There is no forward motion with these speeches – wasn’t the fact that she burned all the Khals and the fact she is a woman evidence enough that this time it is going to be different? Much like the Arya storyline for the first few episodes, it seems that Dany is stuck in a Groundhog Day of making her speeches, having some planning time and then making another speech.

Oh, and there was no Dorne.

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