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I thought I would take a but of a break from the regular posts and put up something completely different today (hey, it’s the weekend). I am a geek by heart (if doing psychological analysis of fictional characters didn’t tell you this already…) and every so often there is an awesome product that I come across online, and I thought that I would share some of my favourites with you:

Zelda Morphing Mug – I remember back in the good old days of the NES and the original Legend of Zelda game, remember the one that was a gold cartridge and you thought it was worth more because it was gold, but it wasn’t really at all? I fell in love with the game, but was really (really) bad at it. So I suppose this is a good reminder when I was really bad at something…ah the memories…

Norman Reedus Signed Daryl Dixon / The Walking Dead *RARE* Full Size Crossbow – You know that you need this, and that come the day that you can be the most misunderstood Walker killer out there. People who see this on your shelf will subconsciously select you for their apocalypse survival team knowing that you have this bad boy hanging on your shelf.

Hand of the King Pin USB Flash Drive – Sure, you could buy the replica pin, and pin it to yourself, but hey, why would you when this has a FULLY FUNCTIONING PIN! nothing says ‘Hand of the King’ like a hidden flash drive.

BREAKING BAD RV Custom Lego set – Can you imagine the street cred that you would get with this one. All your adult friends would be so blown away that they would be all like “You still play with Lego?” because of their profound respect at your ability to create something as awesome as this.

Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt – there is something satisfying about wearing pop culture references that people just don’t get, this one probably not…

Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters – Any Dexter fan will appreciate this. After every kill Dexter takes a slide of blood that he later keeps, and here is a replica of the same. I can only imagine though the confusion of a visiting Great Aunt when I take out a blood slide for her cup of tea…

I was thinking of adding the Batman Tumbler here, but I’m just not sure whether I am ready for that level of commitment (Oh no…it’s been discontinued and here I was with my Paypal account ready…)

So in saying this, these are some of my favourite pop culture tie in items of recent times, what are yours?

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