Battlefield 1 Beta review

Battlefield 1

We spoke about the release video previously here and what the thoughts were on release and now the Beta has dropped for the new DICE game Battlefield 1.

First thoughts are that this game looks like an amazing addition to the Battlefield franchise and will do very well in terms of sales. I was a bit concerned that the World War 1 atmosphere may play a little slower than the recent installments and therefore have a few issues with playability, but there is really no issue at all from that side. Gameplay is fluid and frenetic with no problems with the weaponry of the time.

The loadouts are good, although very limited in Beta and the selection of vehicles in the Sinai Desert map are quite good, with tanks, planes and horses being the mainstays. As always, the vehicles do require some training and experience to get the hang of, with the planes being the most difficult. On the other hand, the light tank, a 1 person artillery barrage is great for everything, especially capturing flags in Conquest. However, in saying this the light tank may be a little OP, very little can take it down quickly at this stage and you can repair from inside (although having to sit still). It is relatively easy to get no deaths in this vehicle over the course of a match. However, in saying that, the loadouts and experience will increase when released, so I dare say that taking down these little tanks will get easier.

There are a few bugs that I can note at the moment, but being Beta I dare say that these issues will be resolved before the release date. On of these issues, for me, is that a man on horseback can kill a person in a tank, merely by hitting them with a sword, which doesn’t make a great deal of sense at all.

Another issue is a report that the dynamic weather, like epic sandstorms, are on the client side of the interaction. This means that you could be in the midst of a massive storm, limiting your field of vision but your opponents may be in clear weather. This has not been confirmed yet but will be a major issue on playability of multiplayer maps if that is the case.

Lastly, there is the issue of the dancing men and environments. Sometimes you will see an opponent running around like they are being chased by an angry swarm of bees and other times a gun mounted on the back of a vehicle will be spinning wildly. These are both small issues, but they do ruin the immersion a little and are issues that I think will be ironed out in due time.  

Battlefield 1 will be released worldwide on October 21 on XBox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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