So what’s up with Melisandre’s necklace

Melisandre's necklace

We all remember it vividly, not just because of the scene itself – but also the fact that the scene was only a few weeks ago – the scene where Melisandre lost faith and removed the necklace to reveal herself as an old hag. That shuffle towards the bed was truly horrifying, given her previous state.

So the showrunners have stated that she is several hundred years old, which is kind of expected of a powerful witch. They talk about this in the Inside the Episode for that week, which can be found on Youtube and that this information can from conversations with George RR Martin.


Now I don’t believe that there are continuity errors as others have noted. For instance there was the bath scene where Melisandre was obviously not wearing the necklace and people point to this as an error. I don’t think that this is the case, as both of the scenes – the bath and the hag – focussed heavily on the potions which were sitting around her at the time. I also think that given she is a powerful witch(?) then she probably has other ways of keeping her appearance the way that it is, and that this is tied to her belief in R’hllor. As her belief was waning in her ability to see the future and as she also took off the necklace then we finally see the true Melisandre. But the question is, does she do this every night, or is this just something that she did to remind herself of the power that she has whether that be being able to use glamour, or bringing back the dead. As the showrunners state in the video – “she had to face herself as she truly is” and maybe this is exactly what happened, she merely dropped all facade so that she could re-focus herself and all of a sudden our favourite bastard son is back to life.

What are your thoughts – is Melisandre’s necklace truly the source of her power, or are there more things in play?

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