What is up with Cersei’s hair?

Ok, I know that there is tons of stuff happening in Game of Thrones at the moment, but can we pause and try to work out what is happening with Cersei’s hair? Why isn’t it growing back, there has been significant time between when it was cut off and now. Sure it may be stress, it may be showing us that she is more interested in securing the Seven Kingdoms than her physical appearance. But if she was all engulfed with that, surely she could give up the wine, or the romping in bed with Jaime whilst creating gossip in the court?

Is she trying to mimic the style of her son’s hair, it definitely looks like a mix between Joffrey and Tommen’s – is it a guilt ‘do’ that she is keeping to honour her sons?

Is just strikes me that she has walked into one of those ‘no appointment’ barbers and said “Look, I just want something that is manageable, I’m a busy woman” She makes such a deal out of tapping her foot after being told it is a ‘as-you-arrived’ arrangement, that the staff become flustered and just eventually get the apprentice to do it.

I’m imagining Cersei, the ever important queen of any realm she walks into, trying to appear that she is busy, whilst playing Candy Crush on her iPad, while complaining that she has important things to do rather than sit here waiting in line with peasants. When it is all over and done, she now has the perfect haircut to say “I need a word with your manager”

Or is it a Jaime haircut, has she gone all single white female on Jaime and has decided that she will not only do him, butĀ becomeĀ him?


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