The Walking Dead S06 Ep14 Review – Twice as Far

Twice as Far
The face of a man who has made difficult decisions

What! What!? What would ever make you think to make such a stupid decision!

Denise the Doctor, one of the least beloved, but most important characters in Alexandria wanted to go on a little car trip to visit the Apothecary to look for medicines. Why? Because she wants to, that’s why. So you have one of the best qualified people, with the least transferable skill set decide that they want to do something like a petulant child and you decide that is a good idea, how stupid can you be! Her excuse was that she wanted to see what medications were available, but she never even jumped the counter to look at them! Instead, they decide that they will just take everything, like they have done every other single time! 

Then Denise feels that she needs to talk about her feelings because that is important, to make sure that everyone’s feelings are validated in the event of a zombie outbreak which has taken out the majority of the population. It is right about then that the least well developed character of the season is felled by an arrow to the head – after delivering the brilliant line “I puked on my glasses” In terms of the TV series and the story I feel that the loss of Denise is negligible, but in terms of the potential impact on the survivors this is massive..Again, what a stupid decision…then again she did teach Daryl, live off the land, probably been driving since he was a toddler survivalist, how to drive, so that is important..

At least Eugene got his moment in the sun this week with his brilliant dick bite. Future generations will find a back up of this blog and read what we found entertaining, and there it is – a dick bite..But, it was awesome. Eugene is the antithesis of Morgan, he doesn’t get bogged down in the thinking and just gets stuff done. No boring philosophical teachings, just all action much like the back of his hair. Either way he looks to have found his niche in ammunition making and has put his foot down with Abraham, probably out of guilt for what he has put him through but also trying to forge his own identity as a worthwhile member of the Alexandria community.

Daryl finally has his crossbow back after his run in with Dwight and his crew who made a hasty retreat after skewering Denise and losing some of their number after that awesome Eugene distraction. It looks like we will only meet Negan late in the piece, I am assuming probably mid last episode so that we can have a bit of development plus a cliff hanger ending to this season.

Don’t even get me started on Carol’s abandonment of the group, again too many emotions running around in a survival situation. By the way, is anyone going to retrieve that arrow from Denise’s head…awkward..

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