Matthew McConaughy as Randall Flagg..Failure to Launch?

So for those who have been paying attention, The Stand by Stephen King is getting translated into movie form – after some pretty ordinary TV movie attempts. This time around, however, it is to be a star studded event, with Matthew McConaughy being a prospect for Randall Flagg, the villain of the novel. I am conflicted on this one, whilst we have seen some great dramatic performances from McConaughy in the recent past, particularly in True Detective and also The Dallas Buyers Club BUT he has been known more for romantic comedy work in the past and that is where I have a problem.

One of the main problems, I suppose, is the fact that King’s work has been very hard to translate in the past. Looking at imdb, very few of the films have actually rated higher than a 6, with very few rating above an 8. To me this means that all of the parts of the movieĀ mustĀ stick together and it must work perfectly, because the nature of King’s work resides in the psyche of the reader, the fears which dwell inside them make his work manifest itself, you can’t just stick a shiny A-lister on the work and expect it to work. To some extent, the casting may be better suited to a relatively unknown actor who doesn’t have such a background of work in which we can all refer to (and, like I am doing) be cynical about their ability to fulfill the role.

For those who are fans of King’s work, you would also need to remember that the character of Flagg will need to reflect the canon of work which includes references to The Man in Black and Flagg, particularly the Dark Tower series, and for some reason, I can’t see McConaughy fulfilling this role for me.

So what are your thoughts on this potential casting? Who would you rather see as Flagg, or any other character in the book.

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