The Do Over – 2 Minute review

So after aborted attempts at both Grown Ups and The Ridiculous Six, I thought I would give The Do-over a try, mainly because I am a sucker for punishment, but also because Adam Sandler’s early work was so simple and enjoyable.

I regret to inform you that the anti-vax, stereotype portraying master of comedy Rib Schneider does not make an appearance in this film, I know, I was heartbroken too. But we can get through this with the other side kick – David Spade.

The Do-over is the story of a guy who wants to ‘do-over’ his life and takes a school friend along for the ride. Whilst it isn’t a return to the films that won him his audience, at least it isn’t as bad as the Ridiculous Six. There are the mandatory Sandler fart and juvenile jokes, but that’s what makes it a Sandler film, I think what went wrong in Ridiculous was that it was just completely overdone to the point of being inane. The Do Over is comedy, maybe not at it’s best, but at it’s goodest – there is nothing brilliant about this film, but there is also nothing completely terrible. Good pacing and action means that The Do Over is at least an enjoyable movie and not something that you are going to be rolling your eyes at constantly.

Given that he has a few more contracts in the bag for Netflix, I wouldn’t mind actually seeing another drama piece by Sandler as I think that he has shown his acting flair better there, but it seems that he will stick with what he loves, given The Do Over, I don’t see anything wrong with that.



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