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Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 1

Anything that Netflix touches at the moment seems to be gold and with the association with Marvel, it looks like they are on to another winner with Jessica Jones. Actually, to digress, Wet, Hot American Summer was terrible and an abomination for Netflix produced content but that is another story for another day. Jessica Jones starts… Read more »

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The Walking Dead S06 E06 ‘Always Accountable’

I was so wrong when I thought that this season of the Walking Dead would be better than the the last few, that we would leave behind the monologues, the empty story building and the ‘our group is the best’ cliches. This episode continued in the vein of last week – a lot of the… Read more »

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The Walking Dead S06 E05 Review “Now”

I said it last week and I will say it again this week – the narrative has been broken and we are getting more and more distanced from the events that led the the possible death of Glenn. It doesn’t feel natural, and we have been given a 2 episodes now where there are no… Read more »

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The Walking Dead S06 E04 “Here’s not here”

Ah the classic ‘character development arc right in the middle of an important moment’ scheduling technique…Don’t get me wrong, I find the character of Morgan fascinating, however I feel that rather than build tension around Glenn and his ‘death’ this episode just distances us further from the outcome. But seriously, cool episode, but whatever, we… Read more »

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Wayward Pines – First episode review

This is a brief review of the new series Wayward Pines, I also tried to watch Sense8 this week, but just couldn’t get past the initial episode, I will try again however. From IMDB: A Secret Service agent goes to Wayward Pines, Idaho, in search of two federal agents who have gone missing in the bucolic… Read more »

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Blame George Miller for the torrents – Mad Max Fury Road

So I went to see Fury Road last night with some trepidation – mainly because I have been let down by movies that people rate as “5 star!!!” and also the fact that the action movie genre has been a bit stale of late – Taken 1 was great and then there was the gradual… Read more »

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Psychology of Westeros

This article focusses on the Psychology of Westeros as seen through the Game of Thrones series of posts, which look at the psychological characteristics of some of the main players in the game, and acts as a bit of a recap of the posts and further information about upcoming posts. Remember also that this is… Read more »

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Reeking of Stockholm

The fourth in a series on the Psychology of Game of Thrones brings us to the character of Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen). Remember to read the disclaimer on this site and also remember that this series focusses on the current television series (Season 4) and as a result contains SPOILERS! With that out of the… Read more »

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Group Therapy Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy (SOA) is a television series documenting the life and times of the motorcycle club of the same name in Redwood County, California, particularly following the journey of Jackson (Jax) Teller from being a member in the club through to his reign as President of the MC. The Sons are a tight knit… Read more »

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Psychology of Game of Thrones – Arya

This is the second instalment in the psychology of Game of Thrones series, last week we looked at the polarising character of Joffrey (OK, not polarising at all, let’s face it we were all on the same pole of disliking him intensely..) It is at this time I remind you of the Disclaimer to this… Read more »