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The Walking Dead S06 Ep02 – JSS

The second episode of Season 6 of The Walking Dead “JSS” was a great episode, probably one of the best in recent memory. There was very little dialogue and unnecessary character building that has seemingly plagued the show on and off for a little while now. JSS starts with Enid and her family trying to… Read more »

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Hannibal has returned

Here is the trailer for the new series of Hannibal. I have to say that I feel that the last season got a little caught up in the ‘artsy-ness’ however it was still brilliant. I also feel that this is an incredible series which brings to life the back story of Hannibal. From the films,… Read more »

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Mental illness in film

The above infographic looks at mental illness in film between the years 2000-2013, inclusive. The list of included movies was compiled by using the IMDB user ratings and including the top 10 movies for each year. Of 130 movies, only 9 of these portrayed mental illness as either a main theme of the movie, or… Read more »

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The making of a sociopath – Jeff Lindsay on writing Dexter

I recently had the privilege of being able to ask some questions of the creator of Dexter Morgan, Jeff Lindsay, about the process and experience of writing a character like Dexter (now up to 7 books and the TV series.)  I wanted to write on Dexter as he is a strong character who has held his own… Read more »