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Diagnosing Westeros

Ok – so after a very long time Diagnosing Westeros – The Psychology of Game of Thrones is now available on Amazon. The book looks in further depth at the Game of Thrones posts here, in addition to extra characters such as Daenerys and Tyrion. The book is $2.99 US – however keep an eye… Read more »

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Homeland Season 5 Episode 3 ‘Super Powers’

Ok, so unfortunately I have fallen a little behind with Homeland this year, so I am trying to make up some time with watching and reviewing over the next week. My DVR is getting a little full at the moment, so it is time to get some of it watched and reviewed. I have to… Read more »

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Homeland Season 5 return

Homeland Season 5 has returned, and let’s hope it is a good one. That isn’t to say that it has been bad in the past, but the ending to Season 4 was a bit baffling, there were a few ‘family drama’ type episodes in Carrie’s life that just didn’t fit the feel of Homeland in… Read more »

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Hannibal has returned

Here is the trailer for the new series of Hannibal. I have to say that I feel that the last season got a little caught up in the ‘artsy-ness’ however it was still brilliant. I also feel that this is an incredible series which brings to life the back story of Hannibal. From the films,… Read more »

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The Psychology of Homeland

For all the media attention that mental health gets, it is unfortunately those who are the worst who get any attention at all, the incarcerated, the suicides, the police shootings, and the chronically unwell have a disproportionate representation in the media. We talk forever about the perils of mental health and that we need to… Read more »