Season 7 – Game of Thrones return

Game of Thrones is back! After a longer than ever time, due to increasing production demands, Season 7 is now with us. Foxtel, in Australia, struck a major blow against piracy by dropping the price of their streaming service and then promptly having an outage during the season premiere, yay for Australian internet!

Anyway, this week’s episode crossed of the updates of a few of the major players – actually I can’t think of who we missed..

Walder Frey, of the Red Wedding, is saluting his men with a feast (the second in a week). As the men raise their mugs for a toast Frey’s tone changes and they start to drop dead – awwww snap, it’s Arya wearing the face of Walder! “Tell them, the North remembers” she says as she struts out the door. Now this would be an awesome intro to the new Arya, the faceless Arya – but nope, her next scene involves running into Ed Fucking Sheeran singing a ditty in the forest with his merry men. Now I’m all for cameos, but they have to be subtle, Mastodon for example in the Harrenhal episode – you wouldn’t have seen them if you weren’t looking. Instead, we get Ed singing in the woods..he may as well have brought his guitar and been singing Shape of You while Arya twerked…

Dany has returned to Dragonstone, and Euron has arrived at King’s Landing – he wants to marry Cersei to cement the relationship, but she’s having none of it. Euron vows to bring back a gift for her to woo her, who knows what that will be. Don’t get me started on Cersei, she wants to moan that she and Jaime are all they have left and they need to stay together and beat the threat from all sides, she thinks she has been prepared for this all her life, I think she is kidding herself.

Samwell is still studying to become a Maester and we were assaulted by a (seemingly) 15 minute montage of him cleaning bed pans and then serving stew (in very similar pots – seriously as Maesters, learn some hygiene rules – like don’t shit in things that look similar to food utensils). Anyway, Sam gets access to places where he shouldn’t and learns of where he can find dragonglass, at Dragonstone (woah, what? That is crazy, there isn’t even any indication in the name that it would be nearby). He has to tell Jon…

Jon Snow has lost me, his sister Sansa tries to help by building alliances with those who have shown loyalty, but noooo Jon Snow knows best. He’s going to get some kids of betrayers to fight alongside him, I’m sure that this will work out perfectly.

Bran has arrived at the Wall as well, he has seen the army marching towards them and it is huge, including many giants in their midst. This isn’t looking good for those South of the Wall – given the fracture of the Southern lands, I can see that the series won’t end with anyone on the Iron Throne, just the inevitable march of death and coldness that follows.

Anyway, overall it was a pretty solid return to the series and a good staging for what is to come next. Who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne come the end of this season?

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