Netflix Australia

Downloading Netflix

The big news of streaming (or not streaming) is that Netflix is now offering the ability to download certain movies and shows through their app on tablet and phone. This is an absolutely huge game changer, especially for people who travel a lot, or are away from reliable WiFi services – think while travelling with… Read more »

the exorcist review

The Exorcist guest post

Just a quick note that Couch Potato Psychology has written a blog post over at The Moon is a Dead World horror blog. The post is in time for the Halloween season and is written about the horror classic The Exorcist. You can find the full post here. In staying with the theme, what is… Read more »


Westworld Episode 1

Westworld just premiered on HBO to the highest figures since True Detective! But of course it did, Game of Thrones and any number of other great HBO series set it up for them! The question is, does Westworld stack up? The answer seems to be a resounding yes (with a current 9.3 rating on imdb)…. Read more »

mad max without cgi

Mad Max without CGI is incredible

When Mad Max was released and reviewed it was known that a lot of the effects were practical effects rather than computer generated. By practical effects, we mean that the explosions actually happened rather than it being drawn and built through computer aid. Now a pre-production video has been released showing these effects in action and it… Read more »

psycholog of Stranger Things review

Psychology of Stranger Things

We have previously reviewed Stranger Things, but it is time for the psychology of Stranger Things and a little exploration of the psychological themes that sit in the background of the show. So what is there to say about an adventure series about some pre-adolescent kids and a couple of helpful adults? Well, a lot,… Read more »

Batman vs Superman

2 minute Review – Batman vs Superman

I reviewed the Suicide Squad, which I watched in quick succession after Batman Vs Superman and I have to say that I preferred the latter. They both got tons of promo, but I would say that Suicide Squad was more anticipated, especially given the Bat-fleck aspect of BvS and the fact that many people were… Read more »

psychology of Mr Robot

The Psychology of Mr Robot

Hello friend I was recently interviewed on the Ars Technica ‘Decrypted’ podcast by the awesome Nathan Matisse, looking at the psychology of Mr Robot and the theories behind what Elliot is suffering from and how well this is executed in the show. I will write more on Mr Robot in the coming few days, but… Read more »

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Beta review

We spoke about the release video previously here and what the thoughts were on release and now the Beta has dropped for the new DICE game Battlefield 1. First thoughts are that this game looks like an amazing addition to the Battlefield franchise and will do very well in terms of sales. I was a… Read more »

suicide squad review

Suicide Squad review

Is there a movie that has been more hyped than Suicide Squad this season? Unfortunately, it got plenty of bad reviews, currently sitting at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, however I went into it with an open mind. A movie that has a star cast and a massive budget can’t be that bad, can it? Even… Read more »

psycholog of Stranger Things review

Stranger Things

Stranger Things has been yet another hit for Netflix worldwide and again seems that everything they do turns to gold. Now there are the few people who didn’t like the series and say that it was cliche, but that is exactly what was great about it and made me fall in love with it. There… Read more »

  • Oathbreaker

    Game of Thrones – Oathbreaker

    Bran continues to learn more about his heritage, this time with his father in a sword fight, which seemingly he won through unfair means – that is, Ned’s friend stab his enemy in the back. This is something that I have never understood, if I am in a fight to the death I don’t think anything… Read more »

  • Game of Thrones – Home

    So, after complaining about it and saying that the viewing public is too impatient, it has finally happened – Jon Snow has arisen, but being the last scene of the episode only time will tell in what way he has come back. I see some people believe that he will be trusting and use the… Read more »

  • The Red Woman

    Game Of Thrones S06 Ep1 The Red Woman

    This blog is a one man show and unfortunately I can’t be as consistent as I would like to, but it’s Game of Thrones season and considering that it is the show that launched the blog, I thought that I should be reviewing it. In addition to that, I have released Diagnosing Westeros: The Psychology of… Read more »

  • Diagnosing Westeros - Psychology of Game of Thrones

    Diagnosing Westeros

    Ok – so after a very long time Diagnosing Westeros – The Psychology of Game of Thrones is now available on Amazon. The book looks in further depth at the Game of Thrones posts here, in addition to extra characters such as Daenerys and Tyrion. The book is $2.99 US – however keep an eye… Read more »

  • Twice as Far

    The Walking Dead S06 Ep14 Review – Twice as Far

    What! What!? What would ever make you think to make such a stupid decision! Denise the Doctor, one of the least beloved, but most important characters in Alexandria wanted to go on a little car trip to visit the Apothecary to look for medicines. Why? Because she wants to, that’s why. So you have one… Read more »

  • The Division

    What I’m playing – The Division

    So I have plenty to catch up on at the moment – Shadow of Mordor, Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 are all sitting unfinished on my hard drive, but when I saw Tom Clancy’s The Division trailers, I thought that I had to try it out. Now I have to say that I haven’t been… Read more »

  • the same boat

    The Walking Dead S06 Ep 13 The Same Boat review

    Sheesh, what an episode this one was. At the end of Ep 12 those poor shrinking violets, Maggie and Carol had been taken hostage, however is Rick and the crew going to save them, and Maggie being pregnant and all. After Rick did what he could to try to arrange a meeting it just wasn’t… Read more »

  • Deadpool Review

    I’ll start out with the review of Deadpool and then move on to the psychology aspect. I have to say that I really enjoyed this film, the Avengers movies whilst great, have the tendency to rehash the same problems even with the same movie, going from fight scene to debriefing and back again before the… Read more »

  • Not tomorrow yet review

    The Walking Dead – S06 Ep 12 – Not Tomorrow yet

    This week’s episode of The Walking Dead ‘Not tomorrow yet’ definitely moved the story forward (Remember that if you are behind in the series Amazon has them on-demand to buy). There was a little too much boredom in the last few episodes since the return. The Benny Hill-esque chase scene of ‘Jesus’ was ridiculous and… Read more »

  • the force awakens

    Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens

    Finally getting around to reviewing the ‘new’ Star Wars movie which was released in December of last year, better late than never, I suppose. Really, I don’t have much more to say than has been said in a lot of other reviews, that the Force Awakens is much like a remake of  ‘A New Hope’,… Read more »