iZombie Season 1 Review Is this a zom-com?

This page was starting to look like a The Walking Dead fan site. Due to a lack of time the only thing that has been posted recently are reviews of the most recent episodes of TWD, so here is a bit of a difference for the week. Not too much of a difference in terms of content – there are still zombies, but definitely different in how iZombie executes the theme.


What’s an iZombie you ask, some kind of new technology which identifies zombies? Nope, it is the overused ‘i’ theme which is seemingly ascribed to everything to keep it cool and hip. Why this show couldn’t have been called “I, Zombie” is not completely clear. The title makes the show seem tacky and unoriginal at first contact, but the thing is, it is anything but.

iZombie is not just another contrived apocalypse series which cashes in on the success of the Walking Dead, this is a totally new and clever take on the genre. Essentially, there are no (or limited) walker-type zombies in this show, they all appear relatively normal but have found ways to ensure that they get their supply of brains to ensure that they live. If they don’t get those brains, they go into full, irreversible walker mode, but apart from early on, we haven’t seen a great deal of that kind of action, which is where the difference lays. This is not a show about zombies, but rather a show about people trying not to turn into zombies after they have been infected.

Liv, the protagonist, is set upon by maniacal zombies at an after work party, after which she wakes in a body bag. Her world has to change, from dumping her fiance to her line of work. Liv was a doctor, however she recognises that she needs human brains to stay alive, so she works out a role in the Medical Examiner’s office, where she has easy access to brains. Liv’s boss works out what has been going on after a series of visions that she has after consuming the brains of crime victims. This is where the show is unique, Liv doesn’t just get sustenance from the brains but she also takes on some of the memories of the victims and some of their idiosyncracies as well. Through the help of a detective who is suspicious of her ‘visions’ Liv is able to help with the solving of crime and murder. It is somewhat akin to Ghost Whisperer, although more Zombie Whisperer, obviously.

The overarching conflict looks at the ‘good’ Zombies (ie Liv) and the bad Zombies, those who are killing and farming brains for profit. Not to do many spoilers, but towards the end of the series we are given an indication of where the zombie plague has come from, but there are still questions left unanswered, which will probably be sorted out in the next season (which has been confirmed).

iZombie is a new take, however it isn’t one of those shows that will captivate you back each week, sure you will probably watch the full series, but you will watch the episodes between other, stronger shows like The Walking Dead, Fargo and Homeland which are established in their quality. This is entertainment, rather than must see drama, and with a mix of family drama, comedy and action, iZombie can very well fit the ‘not sure what to watch’ time slot.

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