So I have plenty to catch up on at the moment – Shadow of Mordor, Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 are all sitting unfinished on my hard drive, but when I saw Tom Clancy’s The Division trailers, I thought that I had to try it out. Now I have to say that I haven’t been great with cover/stealth shooters in the past – the alert sound from the Metal Gear series still gives me nightmares and when it comes to RPG’s I tend to do the bare minimum crafting/building/magicking to get me through to the end pf the game. But The Division seemed a bit different, it seemed that it was a little less stealth and has a wider mix of ways to interact with the environment.

Now, I’m only a little way in, but I feel that it lives up to the hype, there have been a couple of bad reviews (IGN have given it a 6.7) but I think that it is way better than the few detractors. The main mission seems to be pretty linear, and the side missions can get a bit repetitive, but I like the idea of co-op where I can meet up with any other players around and work through the missions together. It is reminiscent of Borderlands in this style of play and is just as fun going. Now, I’m not a serious gamer and I’m not going to knock the game play, bullet physics, or the canon of the Tom Clancy universe (I’m assuming Clancy is some sort of Jedi overlord..?), but the game holds to the standards that I have as a casual gamer – it’s fun, I can knock off a few challenges and get immersed and I can play with other people.

Then there is The Dark Zone, the area of the game that can be played PvP or versus AI. Now, this is completely different to most multiplayers. Most people are there either in a squad or individually, but there is also the option to go Rogue, which is attacking other players. This is a higher risk/higher reward situation of building points in the DZ, but means that you are probably going to get hunted down. I have seen a lot of complaints about people saying that ‘only assholes’ go Rogue, but it is part of the game! I haven’t gone Rogue yet, due to low level and lack of experience, but I probably will be to get the whole experience of the game.

The Dark Zone is great, but be warned you need to be prepared for high level enemies even in the lowest level of the Dark Zone. An important point is that other players can loot you if they go Rogue, but they can only loot the items that you have found in the DZ and not extracted. That means that the loot that you take into the DZ cannot be looted from you, so don’t worry about leaving your best weapons outside, they cannot be looted.

My advice on this one as a casual gamer – get in there and play. It’s less of a learning/commitment curve than Fallout and offers a bit more customisation that the typical FPS, overall a great, engaging game.

Written by The Psychologist

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