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So, after complaining about it and saying that the viewing public is too impatient, it has finally happened – Jon Snow has arisen, but being the last scene of the episode only time will tell in what way he has come back. I see some people believe that he will be trusting and use the ‘we need every man’ argument in pardoning Alliser and his minions, but I seriously doubt that. In the words of Elvis of House Presley – they can’t go on together with suspicious minds. But that was the last scene and there is plenty more to talk about in this recap of the episode.

homeWe started with Bran warging into the past where he saw his father and uncle sparring – what was particularly interesting was a boy called Willis, now know as Hodor. The actor who played Willis has confirmed that there will be more to come from him, so it will be interesting from a story and psychological perspective what happened to him to make him only be able to say the one word.

Cersei couldn’t attend the funeral of her daughter because of Tommen’s orders and High Sparrow countered a threat from Jamie with his army of bald headed knob swingers. The Sparrows have to be one of the most infuriating groups in the realm, the hold so much power merely through threat and the ability to manipulate the fact that no-one in Kings Landing wants to work together. They actually very closely mirror the Harpies in Mereen who also prey on the fractured politics of the city.

Congratulations to the happy couple Roose Bolton and Walda for welcoming their son. Also, congratulations to Ramsay Bolton for showing his true psychopathic colours and killing to meet the goals that he has set for himself. Further psychological analysis of Ramsay can be found in Diagnosing Westeros. Ramsay has now truly set himself up as the leader of House Bolton and for what I think will be a showdown with Jon Snow at or near the Wall.

Euron Greyjoy has also announced himself by throwing his brother off a bridge, but if we know anything from the world of Westeros, this is the way that people greet each other – through senseless violence. Now that Theon is headed home and Balon is dead, big things may be happening for the people of the Iron Isle.

There was some great head smashing in this episode, firstly by Zombie Mountain and then by Wun Wun who dealt a crushing blow to one of Alliser’s cronies. The smear of blood across the wall and ground really emphasised the fact that Alliser had no chance. If only it could have been that little twit Olly… Regardless of the thought that Jon Snow is dead, the Wildling army is there for the greater good and they know that Alliser represents nothing but his own need for power.

The longer the scene with the resurrection went on, the more likely the inevitable became. How powerful will Melisandre be now that she knows she can resurrect the dead?

What are your thoughts, how is Jon Snow going to act on his return? What will become of Olly and Alliser?

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