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What is up with Cersei’s hair?

Ok, I know that there is tons of stuff happening in Game of Thrones at the moment, but can we pause and try to work out what is happening with Cersei’s hair? Why isn’t it growing back, there has been significant time between when it was cut off and now. Sure it may be stress,… Read more »

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Season 7 – Game of Thrones return

Game of Thrones is back! After a longer than ever time, due to increasing production demands, Season 7 is now with us. Foxtel, in Australia, struck a major blow against piracy by dropping the price of their streaming service and then promptly having an outage during the season premiere, yay for Australian internet! Anyway, this… Read more »

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Game of Thrones – No One

This post may not follow the actual way that the show was edited, but I think that writing about each of the location/character sets is far easier to follow. The Hound is on the march, catching a few of the Bannerless men joking about in the forest poking their fingers in each others bums –… Read more »

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Game of Thrones – The Broken Man

Protect your chickens kiddies, it’s the HOUND! Time to get hyped for Cleganebowl! As in all of the episodes the title often refers to more than one interaction or character  and The Broken Man of this episode can definitely be directed towards Sandor Clegane who seems to have settled in a quiet religious sect, doing… Read more »

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Game of Thrones ‘Blood of my Blood’

Well, this week was a lot better than last week! We pick up where we left off with the Bran and Meera show – Bran is warging and has flashes of several significant events, primarily what looks like the Mad King and his death at the hands of Jamie. As we flash back to the… Read more »

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Game of Thrones – The Concierge

This week’s Thrones was rubbish, I can’t say anymore than that for most of the episode until the final 5 minutes and even then it had it’s problems. We had the issue of Littlefinger somewhat resolved after Sansa put her foot down with Brienne in tow and told him what was going to be required… Read more »

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So what’s up with Melisandre’s necklace

We all remember it vividly, not just because of the scene itself – but also the fact that the scene was only a few weeks ago – the scene where Melisandre lost faith and removed the necklace to reveal herself as an old hag. That shuffle towards the bed was truly horrifying, given her previous… Read more »

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Game of Thrones – Oathbreaker

Bran continues to learn more about his heritage, this time with his father in a sword fight, which seemingly he won through unfair means – that is, Ned’s friend stab his enemy in the back. This is something that I have never understood, if I am in a fight to the death I don’t think anything… Read more »

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Game of Thrones – Home

So, after complaining about it and saying that the viewing public is too impatient, it has finally happened – Jon Snow has arisen, but being the last scene of the episode only time will tell in what way he has come back. I see some people believe that he will be trusting and use the… Read more »

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Game Of Thrones S06 Ep1 The Red Woman

This blog is a one man show and unfortunately I can’t be as consistent as I would like to, but it’s Game of Thrones season and considering that it is the show that launched the blog, I thought that I should be reviewing it. In addition to that, I have released Diagnosing Westeros: The Psychology of… Read more »