Battlefield 1 – Pre-release video

We have previously looked at games that we are playing – namely The Division. I have to admit that I did give up on The Division after I beat the game and the multiplayer just consisted of people pretending to be neutral and then shooting me in the Dark Zone. It’s not just me that feels that way – if you check out the subreddit committed to the game there is a constant stream of “please fix this” or “this is what the game needs” So I gave up, but what have I been playing instead?

Well, I have made starts on both The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne (have I mentioned I’m just back into gaming) – but due to over-immersion or difficulty, both of these have limited appeal – so it has been Battlefield 4 all the way at the moment. Now I have thought of starting a Twitch stream – I feel that I am so bad that it would be of entertainment value to people – I revive people when there are enemies around, have a K/D ratio which is almost as funny as it is sad, have a tendency to be Killed in Action when I fail to realise that the chopper pilot has bailed. Regardless of all that, I have fun and it’s a good way to kill stress and not think – mind you I am getting better, just slowly.

So when the new trailer for Battlefield 1 came out, I was super impressed. I tried COD: Advanced Warfare and I think there are 2 types of people – those who don’t like boost jumps and 2. Idiots. I just think they are so stupid and being a crap player, they add another element into the game that I just can’t account for. So when the new COD – Infinite Warfare trailer dropped I wasn’t impressed – and with it now being the Top 10 most disliked videos on Youtube I am not alone. Infinite Warfare seems to just be one big boost jump.

Holy Hindenburg!

The ‘back to the roots’ approach of Battlefield 1 is brilliant – a lot of people on forums and comments sections have been asking for an early-war installment and with this game it looks like they have it. From trench warfare to bi-plane dog fights (if you think I am bad on the ground, wait until I pilot you) the game looks like it has it all. It seems that Activision have lost their creativity and instead of recapturing weapons of the past with COD they have decided that lasers and spaceships are the way to go – but that is a concept that you can get elsewhere.

If you are on PSN and you have someone revive you in a trench, just for your killer to kill us both, or you turn around and there is someone trying to melee you from too far away that will be me. See you in the trenches.

Which are you looking forward to the most – Battlefield 1 or COD – Infinite Warfare?

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