American Gods

It’s been a while since the last post here on Couch, life happens and unfortunately this site doesn’t get the love that it needs sometimes. But we are back!

If you haven’t read the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman and don’t want to spoil the series, I would highly recommend heading over to Book Depository or Amazon to grab yourself a copy first. There will be book spoilers ahead.

American Gods, like The Dark Tower, is one of those dark and twisted fantasy/reality crossovers which have been around in book form for an age, but haven’t yet been transitioned to screen. But this year, we will be getting both of those and hopefully they will live up to expectations. American Gods premiered last night on the Starz network and had a solid showing in it’s first episode. Essentially the story covers the battle between the Old and the New Gods and the place that we find the antagonist, Shadow Moon, somewhere in between.

I take a bit of umbrage at the casting of Ian McShane, not because of his acting but more because of his attitude. When cast on Game of Thrones he spoiled the return of The Hound and didn’t really care when approached on it, stated that fans were complaining and taking things too seriously – you work in the entertainment industry McShane and make money off acting, if people didn’t take the art that they watch seriously then you would be out of a job…

Anyway…on with the review. Bryan Fuller is at the helm of American Gods, and you can very much see his influence in the stylised violence (copious amounts of corn syrup blood) and the music selections (which were a little distracting from dialogue at the time). If you are expecting a linear storyline, don’t bother. If you are expecting a concrete storyline, don’t bother. The series seems to be pretty true to Gaiman’s work and is full of symbolic people, gestures and events. It also looks like there will be some back and forth between the timelines of the Old and New Gods.

Overall the show looks like it is going to be pretty solid and I dare say will follow some of those darker themes like Hannibal did (another Bryan Fuller project). The leprechaun fight scene was a stand out in this episode and some of the more graphic elements of the book have remained included (oh yes, she is worshipped).

Hopefully we see a series that continues down this path, given that it is on Starz I would say that it probably will. What were your thoughts on the first episode of American Gods?


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