2 minute review – Uncharted 4

We have already reviewed the early stages of Uncharted 4 here, as a first look and it was still pretty brilliant overall. However, there were a few things that got to me a bit, some of which can be explained by the video below:

Yup – the climbing can get really frustrating as it makes up a massive part of the game and there is nothing to it. If Nathan is reaching for a ledge you can hit jump safely, if not he just won’t jump. There is very little skill involved unless you are initially jumping on to a ledge, however even this is really forgiving, often there a bias towards making sure you make that jump – often you will look like falling, but all of a sudden you have made it.

As for the story – the cut scenes are great and build ┬átempo throughout, but there is just something missing, some sense of drama or completeness towards the end. It kind of builds and then falls a bit flat in terms of where the story goes, in my opinion.

In saying all that though, it really is a great piece of art when played as such like a lot of the Uncharted franchise, this is story driven rather than pure gameplay driven, which can be jarring for people used to FPS games and RPGs that are nothing but action and modding weapons and attributes. If you are looking for enjoyment rather than pure action Uncharted 4 is definitely the place to be. But….if you want action you can always hop over to the multiplayer which is one of the great features of this game. I was expecting that it would be lackluster, but it is anything but, the gameplay is smooth, matchmaking is quick and solid and the loadouts and customisation leads to ongoing excitement throughout. If you have bought Uncharted make sure that you check out the multiplayer as you will be missing out if you don’t.

Overall though it is a solid piece of the Uncharted puzzle and probably the best of all the games – 9/10

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