2 minute review – Ready Player One

Ready Player OneI just finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline whilst on a trip to Tokyo. If there is anywhere in the world to read a book about a world in which technology has taken over, Tokyo is the place.

Ready Player One is set in a dystopian future and has undercurrents of the classic Neuromancer by William Gibson which was probably the start to the technology driven dystopian world genre of fiction. Actually I have to say that the book is also a lot like the movie Wall-E and Her (which I think is just Wall-E for adults) in that in focuses on a society which has escaped from their dying physical existence to live in a very Matrix like world of OASIS, which is a virtual reality complete world where people trade, play and war.

The premise of the book is that the creator of OASIS has died, leaving behind a puzzle for the world, the prize being his substantial fortune. We follow the story of Wade Watts, who is on the hunt for the prize, however he is fighting through not just other hunters but also an evil corporate entity who will do whatever it takes to get to the prize before anyone else.

The book is filled with awesome references to pop culture of the 80s and 90s and that is what keeps it going as it is also filled with romantic, and quite juvenile cliches and love interests throughout. Overall though it is the concept of the book and it’s references that keep the interest, rather than the actual writing itself. Ready Player one also harks back to the days on Neuromancer, which is a great way to get a new generation involved in science fiction. Because overall, this is a fun read but really aimed at the Young Adult market, rather than the pure adult fiction market.

Overall, I give it a 3.5/5. Have you read Ready Player One, and if so, what are your thoughts?

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