2 minute Review – Batman vs Superman

I reviewed the Suicide Squad, which I watched in quick succession after Batman Vs Superman and I have to say that I preferred the latter. They both got tons of promo, but I would say that Suicide Squad was more anticipated, especially given the Bat-fleck aspect of BvS and the fact that many people were dubious about his ability to pull it off.

There is something about storytelling that has gone awry in the DC Universe, it seems that they believe that presenting a disjointed story with a vague villain and making me sit for 2 and a half hours is what the audience wants. Not only that, but the battle between Batman and Superman is never fully explained, except they both feel that they are on the side of good and then, neither seems to want to actually apprehend or disable the other, but rather kill them.

The movie was melodramatic and overdone, the “Martha, why did you say that name?” scene was absolutely cringe worthy and the ‘destroy everything in our path in order to save the world’ theme persists. In saying all this, there is something inherently likable about Henry Cavill’s Superman and Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor, however I can’t say the same for Affleck’s Batman. Affleck just seemed to be a guy playing Batman, rather than being Batman, again melodramtic and moody.

I would say I don’t have a great deal good to say about Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice, but after Suicide Squad, this film was an absolute masterpiece.


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